A new Instagram page was launched on June 29 – and has been the talk of the web ever since. The page titled “trumpyourcat” features adorable pictures of cats with Donald Trump’s trademark hair.

Instagram ‘Trumpyourcat’ Reveals Cats With Trump Hair ‘Dos

Social media has not been kind to the business tycoon Trump, especially after his recent presidential announcement. However, instead of funny memes and Twitter posts the internet has now decided to use cats to mock Trump — or rather Trump’s hair.

The Instagram page ‘trumpyourcat’ has created a new trend in which cat owners post photographs of their cats wearing their very own Trump toupee. Trump impersonators are being replaced by the furry creatures as numerous cats show off their cool Trump ‘dos.

To participate in the ‘trumpyourcat’ challenge the Instagram page tells you: “1. Brush your cat, 2. Form the hair you brushed into a toupee and 3. Place toupee on cat”

Check out these cat posts below and join in the fun at @trumpyourcat to “Trump” your own cat!