It’s been revealed that one of the key witnesses in the ongoing investigation of Donald Trump and his administration’s handling of confidential records was one of the ex-President’s former valets who even continued working for him after his Presidency ended.

The employee’s involvement was revealed on Wednesday by The Washington Post, which claimed he was an essential witness because he personally moved boxes of classified material at Trump’s request while the government was seeking these highly sensitive items.

He was eventually identified as Walt Nauta, and reportedly denied his involvement in the movement of documents when the FBI first questioned him, but admitted to being a part of it when they came back with video evidence.

His account, combined with videos from security-cameras, has apparently combined to make some rather compelling evidence for FBI investigators. The security footage was obtained was published last week.


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Nauta is a Navy veteran who worked at the White House mess dining facility while serving. He eventually began working for Trump, and became a trusted assistant of the former President, running small errands like getting Trump Diet Cokes and fetching his jackets for journeys. An anonymous former White House employee said that Trump “trusted [Nauta] completely.”

About 100 documents out of the thousands that the FBI obtained in their August 8 raid of Mar-a-Lago were marked as “Classified,” after the Trump team turned over a small amount of the documents earlier that year.

A top official for the Department of Justice has also said to Trump’s lawyers that they don’t believe all the docs have been recovered.

Trump made an emergency request to the Supreme Court to try and kill this investigation. On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected his request, with no Justices stepping forward and noting their dissent to the rejection.

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