President Donald Trump insisted over the weekend that he loves his youngest daughter Tiffany Trump as his longtime personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout was ousted from the White House.

“While Madeleine Westerhout has a fully enforceable confidentiality agreement, she is a very good person and I don’t think there would ever be reason to use it,” Trump wrote on Twitter early Saturday. “She called me yesterday to apologize, had a bad night. I fully understand and forgave her! I love Tiffany, doing great!”

Westerhout was forced out of the Trump administration for disclosing personal information about the president’s family with the press. She officially resigned on Thursday as executive assistant to the president. Her exit comes amid reports that the president had a closer relationship with Westerhout than with his youngest daughter, who has largely stayed out of the limelight surrounding the Trump family save for a few brief appearances at national or world events like a recent state dinner at Buckingham Palace.Tiffany also recently said she won’t be playing a role in her father’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Westerhout said that the president made derogatory comments about Tiffany Trump’s weight and appearance during an off-the-record dinner with reporters and also brought up the president’s youngest son, 13-year-old Barron. 

However, Trump reiterated the remarks in his tweet in brief comments to reporters on Friday before leaving for Camp David. The president said he forgave Westerhout and revealed she told him she had been “drinking a little bit” during the off-the-record dinner with the press.

Former White House officials also suggested Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley should have maintained a closer watch on Westerhout during that dinner. However, a source close to Gidley reportedly said he should not be blamed for Westerhout sharing intimate details about the Trump family.

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