President Donald Trump‘s former Atlantic City casino, Trump Plaza, may be demolished within the next year, according to comments made by Mayor Marty Small at a press conference on Thursday.

The company that now owns the building, Ichan Enterprises, submitted plans to demolish the building in June 2021, but Small said that date would be “not acceptable” because it conflicts with the boardwalk’s high-season for tourism.

“That’s smack dab in the middle of our season. My administration’s goal is to get it down,” Small said. “By the end of the year, or late February, and time for cleanup for next summer season.”

The run-down building has had debris fall from as high as the 34th floor, sometimes onto the boardwalk.

Small went to the Supreme Court to have the property labeled as a “imminent hazard” to speed up the demolition process. Ichan Enterprises had 45 days to hand in official plans to get the building taken down, and they gave those in earlier this week

The building opened in 1984, and closed in 2014 after Trump’s business went bankrupt. Ichan Enterprises, owned by billionaire Carl Ichan, purchased the building, and the company Trump Entertainment Resorts, in 2016. Trump Plaza had been the last remaining Trump casino in Atlantic City when Ichan purchased it.

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