The unending feud between Bette Midler and President Donald Trump continued earlier this week after the Beaches actress tweeted a quote, falsely attributed to Trump, calling Republicans the “dumbest group of voters in the country.”

Trump, who is currently enjoying his state visit to the U.K., in turn called Midler a “washed up psycho” before dragging “Fake News Media” into the fiasco and blaming them for fabricating stories in order to make him look bad.

Members of the conservative right were quick to make a mockery of liberals like Midler and “Fake News” for their negative portrayals of the president who was a register Democrat until former President Barack Obama’s first term.

Midler has since apologized for the tweet but the fued continued with Midler admiting that the false quote sounded like something Trump would have said anyway.

The fued dates back to 2012 when, during Hurricane Sandy, Trump tweeted that Midler was an unattractive woman.


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