Marla Maples, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, has taken to Instagram to post about her feelings of loneliness – and the power that smiling can have on one’s life.

On Dec. 5, she posted a grinning selfie with a long, reflective caption. “Yes, this is a right arm selfie on a beautiful Sunday,” she opens with a smiling emoji.

Maples goes on to explain, “I’ve spent a lot of time alone in my life. Most often it is a choice.” She adds, “I started out the day feeling a bit lonely so I decided to put 1 foot in front of the other and open my heart to new experiences.”

The television personality and public figure lists herself in her Instagram bio as a “Spiritual & Wellness Advocate” whose mission involves “Sharing Only Love.”

Maples continues in her Dec. 5 Instagram caption, “I find when I share my heart and smiles with others what I receive is so great in return. Joy is activated!”

She recounts her past as a high school student when even those who barely knew her considered her “the girl who smiles all the time.” She admits, “Sometimes I would smile out of insecurity, or trying to hide an emotional pain, but even then it was like a light switch that went on the moment a smile was exchanged.”

The power of smiling can be transformative, emphasizes Maples. She asserts in her caption, “I’ve also come to realize that when you truly smile from your heart and look into the eyes of another person what you receive is greater than you could ever imagine. The loneliness disappears and is replaced with joy.”

The Georgia native closed her caption by summarizing, “I open my heart to bring forth new love & new manifestations of light souls on this path of uplifting & shining so much love & joy!”

She closes her caption by bidding to her audience, “Keep Smiling! love, me MM”

Many followers feel inspired by her message about the curative powers of smiling. One commenter responded to the post by writing, “So beautifully said — thank you for this uplifting message.”

Another viewer commented, “I think a lot of us feel that way. Being alone/lonely is really hard and very hard to share with people. Thank you for sharing. It helps people feel not so alone.”

Maples’ daughter with Trump, Tiffany Trump, recently announced her engagement.

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