Kellyanne Conway has received a multi-million dollar advance for a book about her time in the Trump administration. According to a Daily mail source in the DM story, Conway’s book will be an “unvarnished” and “eye-popping” account of the Trump administration, potentially earning her even more millions through movie rights.

Conway started her work for Donald Trump in July 2016, expected to advise him on how to better appeal to female voters. However, that August she was promoted to become one of the the campaign’s three managers, making her the first woman to run a Republican general election presidential campaign and to successfully run an American presidential campaign in general. Later that year, she was offered a White House job.

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Since being offered her White House position, Conway has faced widespread controversy. Before even assuming her new role, she was criticized by Trump and others on his team for making critical statements about Mitt Romney. As a White House advisor, Conway has gotten into a fight, coined the phrase “alternative facts,” faced criticism and a TV ban for repeatedly spreading misinformation, and repeatedly violated the Hatch Act of 1939 by advocating her political beliefs while representing a public office.

Conway’s upcoming book, which is thus far untitled, is expected to cover her multiple controversies, her relationship with her family (in particular George and Claudia Conway, who have both become known for their anti-Trump political stances), and, of course, the secrets of the Trump administration itself.

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