True Detective episode “Church in Ruins” centered on Ani Bezzerides determined infiltration of one of Chessani’s sex parties, while Ray gives up his battle for custody of his son and Frank loses the trail to find out who murdered Caspere.

True Detective Recap

Ray (Colin Farrell), who arrived at Frank’s (Vince Vaughn) doorstop at the close of last episode, sits opposite him at his kitchen table, each man with a pistol at the ready. Ray wants to know why Frank had him kill a guy that wasn’t his wife’s rapist. Frank claims that he thought that the info was solid, and that it’s news to him that another guy was caught for the crime. Ray blames Frank for ruining his life, but Frank won’t accept that, and says that Ray was going to become the man he became with or without Frank’s help.

Ray just wants to know who gave Frank the name, provided he’s telling the truth. When Frank acts as though he doesn’t need Ray’s help with the business anymore, Ray tells him that Blake has been running girls, and that he has a special stable with Chessani’s kids. It seems like it’s news to Frank that these guys are throwing parties for the rich and elite and that Caspere was involved with them. In exchange for keeping tabs on Blake, Ray wants more information about who fed Frank the false name. Frank says he’ll give him the name if Ray gets the hard drive that was stolen from Caspere’s place.

Ray heads straight from Frank’s to the prison to confront his wife’s true rapist. He explains that he raped his wife and that he thought that he’d killed him years ago. Ray threatens that if he’s not sentenced to death, he’ll personally take all of his skin off with a cheese grater, and make sure that he lives. Then, he goes to see his son for a supervised visit, after which he goes home to binge on tequila and cocaine. As for Frank, he and Jordan (Kelly Reilly) visit Stan’s widow to give her some money. She expresses her own wariness about Blake, which piques Frank’s interest.

Frank, determined to find Irina ends up encountering the gang of Mexicans who’d visited the club. Frank offers to push their stuff through Luxe three nights a week for a year in exchange for information about Irina’s location. Frank even sweetens the deal by saying he won’t take a cut of their sales in the first year. When he gets back to his office, Irina gives him a call. He tells her that he just wants to know what happened with Ledo and why she pawned stuff from Caspere’s house. She says a “thin white” man who seemed like a cop paid her to do that. Frank convinces her with a grand to meet with him so that he can show her some pictures in the hopes that she can identify the man. When he shows up to meet her, she’s been killed by the Mexicans, who say they kept up their end of the deal, and expect Frank to keep his.

Meanwhile, Paul (Taylor Kitsch) and Ani (Rachel McAdams) oversee the local authorities going over the crime scene in the cabin in the woods. Ani explains to the DA that it might connect to the missing persons case, and the collusions that she’s interested in uncovering. The DA tells Ani to work the girls and for Paul to work the diamond angle. Paul then meets with an old cop, who explains that the proprietors of the shop from where the diamonds were stolen were executed, leaving behind two children. And Ani, while practicing her knife work, gets some advice from her sister Athena about going to the sex party.

When Ray meets up with Paul and Ani, they ask Ani if she really wants to work the party. When she confirms she’s game, Paul gives her a transponder and they tell her that they’ll set up a perimeter around the place, and that she better not stab anyone unless she has to. That night, she manages to get picked for the bus ride to the party. While Ani gets Molly sprayed into her mouth, Ray and Paul follow the bus to the mansion reserved for the night’s party and take out a security guard to get closer to the building.

Ani mingles about the men and women, her vision blurring from the drugs. A man sweeps her away from the crowd, but not before she picks up a butcher knife. While walking into the middle of an orgy, Ani starts to have visions of a man who may have molested her in her youth on her father’s commune. Rushing to the bathroom, Ani makes herself puke in a bathtub and turns around to find the missing girl Vera. With Vera in Tow, she tries to make a quick escape, incapaciting her would-be suitor and stabbing a security guard who nearly choked her out. Paul is waiting for her on the other side of the door, and helps them reach the road to meet up with Ray in his car. Not only does Ani have Vera, but Paul managed to break into the office and grab contracts that Osip and the Catalyst guy were going over.


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