Ever since Joe Manganiello, 35, howled into fictional Bon Temps, Louisiana, in 2010, fans of HBO's True Blood have had a good time indeed ogling his naked werewolf physique. And Manganiello, for his part, has found few reasons to complain.

"As far as the butt cheeks stuff goes, it just makes sense," Manganiello told Out magazine. "It's not gratuitous; it's realistic. If you're a werewolf and you transform, you lose everything and there are your butt cheeks. The show is a deconstruction of supernatural creatures. It's not like other werewolf projects, where you magically reappear with tiny jean shorts on."

Speaking of deconstruction, ears have been perking up over another Manganiello role that will show the hunky actor taking off more than he's putting on. In the upcoming Magic Mike, Manganiello will play a stripper, joining an all-beef cast that includes Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer. The film, based on co-star and co-producer Channing Tatum's erstwhile career as an erotic dancer, is set to be released in June.

But if you're as much a fan of Manganiello's signature beard as you are of his famous butt cheeks, then Magic Mike comes with a disclaimer. “I don’t have any body hair,” he said. “It stops at my neck."

So do our eyes, Joe. We promise.

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