True Blood concluded its seven-season run with a vampire-human wedding and an end to the love story of Bill and Sookie in the series finale, "Thank You."

Picking up where we left off, Bill (Stephen Moyer) meets Sookie (Anna Paquin) at her house and tried to explain to her why he has chosen to die. “This disease, Sookie, has made me feel more human that I have before,” Bill tells her. He belongs in the cemetery with his family – death, after all, is a part of life. He wants to ensure that Sookie lives a whole life – children included. When she asks why he can’t just break up with her. If she’s not strong enough to leave him, then he could leave her, but he says he’s not strong enough. Then Bill asks Sookie for a huge favor: to use her light on him. Kill him, and she won’t be fae anymore; she’ll be able to have a normal life as a human. Sookie respectfully asks Bill to leave, but promises him she’ll think about it.

Eric And Pam Take Control Of Sarah Newlin

At Fangtasia, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) goes down to the basement with a new mission: he and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) are going to set Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) free. Pam feeds her blood so that they’ll be able to track her after they kill Gus (Will Yun Lee). Eric is over the whole ‘trust’ thing and has decided that they are going to take New Blood from Gus and the Yakuza. He informs Sarah to speak to nobody, to run and hide and wait for Pam to find her. When Gus tries to go after Sarah in the tunnels of Fangtasia, Eric kills him with gasoline and fire before heading to Sookie’s house and intercepting the Yakuza. He wastes no time in slaughtering them, dumping them in the backseat of their sports car and driving off.

When Pam finds Sarah hiding out at the carousel where Eric turned Willa, she tries to convince Pam to turn her into a vampire – she even tries using sex to get her way, but her seduction is cut short when she brings up Tara. Instead of turning her, Pam feeds on her blood for the cure.

Jessica And Hoyt Get Married

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) heads over to Bill’s mansion with Hoyt (Jim Parrack) in tow – “Hi, vampire Bill.” Hoyt and Bill exchange awkward pleasantries while Jessica gathers herself. She doesn’t want him to die, she says, but she wants him to know that she’s going to be okay, and that, if he chooses to die, she will find a way to respect his decision. With that out of the way, Bill takes advantage as his position as a dying man and asks Hoyt if he plans on marrying Jessica one day. Hoyt says yes, and even starts to propose, but Jessica cuts him off. She had dreamed of her wedding day, and now she feels like Bill has taken away the romance she’d always imagined. Bill apologizes, and explains to Jessica that he only brought up marriage because he was already a vampire when his daughter was married, so he wasn’t able to be there for her, or meet the man she married, and he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss another opportunity like that.

Thinking about what Bill said, Sookie remembers when she and Tara were tweens, running around the house. One day, Sookie read Tara’s mind and saw that she had a crush on Jason, and she told Tara that she couldn’t imagine ever getting married or liking a boy because boys are gross. Gran came in and told Sookie that she couldn’t think that way. She could have any life she wants, she just has to persevere, Gran tells her. In the present, Sookie goves over to Jason’s house to talk to him about Bill’s proposition. She’s not sure if she wants to give up her identity as a fae. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) can’t offer her advice, but, he promises her that he’ll love her no matter what.

Sookie and Jason don’t have much time to talk. Jessica and Hoyt have decided to get married today, and Hoyt calls Jason to ask him to be his best man while Jessica calls Sookie to beg for anything that could pass for a wedding dress. Sookie and Jason get all dressed up and head over to Bill’s, where Andy (Chris Bauer), Holly (Lauren Bowles) and Arlene (Carrie Preston) are waiting. Andy has been asked to perform the ceremony, and, while the bride and groom are getting ready, Bill tells him that, as his last remaining heir, Andy will inherit his home after he dies. Bill asks Andy if he would consider giving the house to Jessica and Hoyt.


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Upstairs, Jason helps Hoyt with his tie and the two renew their BFF bond. Hoyt is nervous, and Jason calms him down. If he’s learned anything in these past few weeks, it’s that they need to live each day as if it was their last. Bill walks Jessica down the aisle, which is the length of his living room, and, Jessica and Hoyt get married without a hitch. During the ceremony, Sookie begins to be able to hear Bill’s thoughts. He’s in pain, but is trying to stay present. Sookie hears him think about how much he loves her, and goes to hold his hand. She hears how much he wants her to have a wedding of her own, a life of her own. As the ceremony comes to an end, Andy tells the group that, though their vampire-human marriage may not be recognized by the government, he is sure it is recognized by God.

After the wedding, Jason takes Brigette (Ashley Hinshaw) to the airport and Sookie heads over to the church to speak to Reverend Daniels (Gregg Daniel). Sookie asks him if it would be a sin for her to change how she was born – as a fairy. If God made everyone as they should be, then is it a sin to want to be something else. Reverend Daniels tells Sookie that, yes, maybe she was born fae for a reason, but God also gave her the power to think and make decisions for herself. If she decides to “un-fairy” herself, then that’s not a sin.

Sookie Helps Bill Kill Himself

Sookie gets in her truck and calls Bill. She’s made arrangements with the cemetery – she’ll meet him there at sundown. Dressed in her funeral best, Sookie meets Bill in the cemetery by his open, empty grave. The two share one last kiss and Bill climbs down into his coffin, where his daughter buried the photo of them together taken just before he went off to war. Sookie tells him she’ll never forget him and forms her ball of light. The light in her hand beats, like a heart, and Sookie realizes that being a fairy is a part of her, and she can’t give that part away. She puts her light away and asks Bill if he still wants to die. When he says yes, she breaks off a shovel to make a stake and climbs into the grave with him. Together, they stake him, and Bill dies, exploding in blood all over her. Sookie walks away into the night.


One year later, Eric is filming a commercial for New Bood, a drink cure, packaged in a sports drink can with Sarah Newlin’s face on it. Their version of the story is that Sarah escaped them. Three years after that, a pregnant Sookie, with a fridge full of New Blood, is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Jason, Brigette and their three kids head over to Sookie’s house, where Sam (Sam Trammell), Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and their children meet them.

Eric and Pam are still running Fangtasia, where they are selling Sarah Newlin’s blood. A vampire can pay $100,000 for one minute of feeding on her blood. Tired, and chained in the Fangtasia basement, Sarah is haunted by her dead husband, Steve.

Everyone gathers at Sookie’s house for dinner: Arlene, Keith (Riley Smith), Andy, Holly, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), James (Nathan Parsons), Hoyt, Jessica, Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire), Reverend Daniels, Lettie Mae (Adina Porter), Adilyn (Bailey Nobel) and Wade (Noah Matthews) are all present. As for Sookie’s husband – we never see his face.

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