True Blood put Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) to rest and finally saw the end of mass-vampire imprisonment in Sunday’s episode ‘Life Matters.’ Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), pumped full of Warlow’s (Rob Kazinsky) magic fairy blood, headed straight for the prison for some good old fashioned revenge. He killed all the guards outside and then let the prisoners loose, instructing them to ‘kill the humans.’ Of course, it became a uniquely disturbing torture-fest for the vamps, who were more than happy to have the chance to play with their former captors.

In Eric’s desperate attempt for revenge, he left Warlow within an inch of his life, drained almost completely of blood. Bill (Stephen Moyer) watched as Sookie (Anna Paquin) bit into her own wrist to feed Warlow some of her blood, and she insisted that their deal was off. Eric almost killing Warlow negated Sookie’s promise to hand Warlow over to Bill so that the vampires about to meet the sun could drink his blood. Besides, Sookie tells Bill, Eric has more of Warlow’s blood in his system than Warlow does right now. Bill is, obviously, unsatisfied with her answer, but, before he can do anything about it, Sookie shoots him out of the fairy dimension with her light and goes back to feeding Warlow.

In the prison, Eric finds a weak Jason lying down on the floor of women’s gen pop. At first, it seems that Eric has not forgiven Jason for his dabbling in anti-vampire militia, but Eric is surprisingly cool about the whole thing, and feeds Jason some blood to heal him so that Jason can act as his guide around the camp. He tells Jason to dream of nice things when he dreams of him (wink, wink).

After feeding Warlow enough to heal him, Sookie left to attend Terry’s funeral and support Arlene (Carrie Preston). Before she left, Warlow asked her if she had, indeed, been prepared to be his, and she admitted that she has, and was still prepared to be his forever. He let her go to the funeral and stayed safely in fairyland.

At the funeral, Sookie sat next to Hoyt’s mother, and wanted to save the seat next to her for Jason, but he was a no-show, and she later ended up with Alcide by her side. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First, it was time for the Terry stories to begin. The preacher spoke about Terry’s immense love for his family, and Andy (Chris Bauer) talked about his struggle getting Terry to rejoin life in Bon Temps after coming back from the war. Sam (Sam Trammell) talked about meeting Terry and hiring him to work at Merlotte’s, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) talked about Terry’s first day at work with him in the kitchen. Then it was time for Arlene to speak, but she couldn’t do it – she wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Sookie read her thoughts, and volunteered to speak to give Arlene more time to prepare herself. She told Arlene, and the entire crowd, that she was an telepath and that when she met Terry for the first time, exactly the same moment he first laid eyes on Arlene, she heard his thoughts and knew that he loved Arlene from that moment on. Arlene then finished out the memories with one of the night Mikey was born. All of the stories were accompanied by flashbacks featuring Terry – making us all wish Terry would just stop playing dead and come back to Bon Temps for good.

Over at vampire prison, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) simply refused to be killed and slowly made her way up to the roof to manually open the sunroof to the white room where Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Tara (Rutina Wesley), Steve Newlin (Michael McMillan), Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire), and James (Luke Grimes) were being held. The light floods the room, but it’s too late: Bill has arrived just in time to feed the vampires his blood so that they, too, will be impervious to the sun. Everyone, at least, except Steve Newlin, who Eric decides must die and forces to burn in the sun.

With all the vamps high on fairy blood and a taste of the sun, nobody seems to notice that Sarah Newlin is still alive except for Jason, who runs after her determined to kill her once and for all. They struggle, and he has her pinned up against her car door with a gun at her throat, but he can’t do it. He’s not a killer, and he doesn’t want her blood on his hands, though, he says, she deserves to die. He lets her go…let’s hope he doesn’t regret it!

Led by Eric, the sun-drunk vamps go outside and start destroying all the Hep-V laced Tru Blood while Bill struggles to hold onto his life. Lilith’s three women spirits appear and tell him that his time on Earth is over. But Bill does not want to die yet, and he summons Jessica. James feeds Bill some of his blood, which, thanks to Warlow, saves him, and they all leave together. Jessica invites everybody over to Bill’s house to celebrate their freedom, and, even Jason follows along, held closely by Violet who, once again, stakes her claim on him.

Of course, what they don’t know is that a Tru Blood shipment to Hawaii was intercepted by vamps and stolen – perhaps they were tipped off by Eric, or perhaps they were just hungry. Either way, Hep-V is out there now, and there’s no getting it back.

Not joining in are Pam and Eric. They lock eyes across the compound, and Pam tells him strictly not to leave her. He shoots up in the air like Superman as she watches.

Has Bill truly gone and left the others to deal with the fallout of letting Hep-V infected vampires out of jail? Will Sookie become a vamp-fairy and commit herself to Warlow?

More questions sure to come in the Season 6 finale of True Blood, ‘Radioactive,’ airing Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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