Hoyt returned to Bon Temps and Sookie slept with Bill in True Blood’s “May Be the Last Time.”

Eric, Pam And Gus Find Sarah Newlin

In Dallas, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Gus (Will Yun Lee) interrogated Sarah Newlin’s sister, Amber, but she refused to talk. She did, however, reveal that her sister was the Hep-V cure, but before they could get anything else out of her, a feverish Eric staked her. Eric still wants to kill Sarah (Anna Camp), but Pam tells him the plan has changed: they will find Sarah, but they will not kill her. They will use her.

Gus is more than on board with the plan. In fact, he wants to enter into a business partnership with Eric. Together, they will hunt and capture Sarah Newlin, then the Tru Blood corporation will synthesize her blood and sell it as ‘New Blood,’ a cure for Hep-V. For a 49% stake in the company, Eric will be their spokesperson – their patient zero.

Sarah Newlin, meanwhile, ran to the last place she called home, the Light of Day Institute she ran with Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian). When she arrives, she begins to hallucinate. First she sees Jason (Ryan Kwanten) playing football outside, telling her that death is coming for her. Later, after the sun has gone down, she sees Steve, the Buddhist guru she was having an affair with and the head of Gov. Burrell. They are there to watch her die, and Steve and the guru yell at her to choose a religion before she dies. Sarah refuses, and tells them that she is the cure, “the messiah” and she will not die. Outside, Gus, Eric and Pam are parking their cars.

Sookie Tries To Save Bill

Sookie (Anna Paquin), Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) sit together in the Compton house, and, though Bill insists there is nothing to be done for him now, Sookie refuses to believe that. All he needs is a miracle, she says. She leaves Jessica and Bill to rest together and makes her way home.

While resting, Bill has flashbacks to 1855, when he was informed he would be married to Caroline (Shannon Lucio), a woman he had never met. Bill protests to the arranged marriage initially, but quickly falls in love with Caroline after they meet.


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Sookie called supernatural doctor extraordinaire, Dr. Ludwig (Marcia de Rousse), to check on Bill. She escorts the Doctor to the Compton home, and Ludwig examines Bill. She cannot say whether or not Sookie’s fairy blood has caused the Hep-V to accelerate in Bill. When she asks Sookie what brand of fairy she is and learns that Sookie is a descendant of Niall (Rutger Hauer), Ludwig leaves abruptly.

With no other option, Sookie calls upon Niall, and he tells her that he doesn’t like Bill for her, so, even though he is always watching, he did not stop her from infecting Bill. Sookie is pissed, but Niall may be her only hope, so she goes along with him when he suggests they use their power together and channel power from nature. Niall shows Sookie a memory of Caroline giving birth to Bill’s first child. Birth, he tells Sookie, is a miracle, as is death and love and, most importantly, forgiveness – of others and of yourself. There is no miracle to cure Bill.

At night, Sookie runs across the cemetery and knocks on Bill’s door. When he answers, she promises that she will be there, with him, until the very end and kisses him. While they make love, Bill’s fangs emerge, but he doesn’t drink from Sookie because it would just make him more ill.

Hoyt Returns To Bon Temps

Meanwhile, Arlene (Carrie Preston) spent the day at Bellefleur’s, welcoming back Hoyt (Jim Parrack), who returned with his beautiful girlfriend, Brigette (Ashley Hinshaw). She calls Jason to tell him about Hoyt’s arrival and then gives a sulking Sam (Sam Trammell) a pep talk. Sam tells her about Nicole’s ultimatum, and asks whether or not Arlene thinks he should stay in Bon Temps or leave like she wants him to. Arlene is surprisingly calm when she tells him that he needs to ask himself if he could be happy in Bon Temps without his family. Sam asks Arlene if she’s happy, and she tells him, no. She’s not happy, but she stays in Bon Temps because that’s where her life is, and she has faith that one day, she will be happy.

Jason takes Hoyt and Brigette to the morgue so that Hoyt can see his mother. While trying to console a distraught Hoyt, Jason lies and tells his old best friend that Mrs. Fortenberry had fought against Vince and his vigilante uprising, implying that she had died at their hands. Jason is also getting strange vibes from Brigette, and he cannot keep himself from staring at her.

Later that night, Arlene sits at the bar, drinking alone, when Keith (Riley Smith) shows up, mirroring a sex dream she had about him the night before. Keith felt her pain and came to check on her. He asks her to dance, and the two talk a bit, but when Keith kisses her cheek she steps back. She’s Hep-V positive, she says, so they cannot have sex. But Keith is content just to dance, and Arlene cries in his arms.

Adilyn And Wade Are In Trouble

In other Bon Temps news, Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) are digging holes in Tara’s old front yard, following the instructions they saw in their vision, and Holly (Lauren Bowles) and Andy (Chris Bauer) are looking for their children. They found Adilyn’s (Bailey Nobel) abandoned cell phone at Fort Bellefleur and tried looking at Holly’s ex’s lake house, but they come up empty. Andy is only reassured by the knowledge that Jessica has not felt that Adilyn was in danger.

Finally, Adilyn and Wade (Noah Matthews) are busy getting busy in Violet’s mansion full of ancient sex toys. They believe that Violet (Karolina Wydra) really is just helping them escape from their overbearing parents. After a night (or day) of fun, Violet returns to the room, throws Wade into a wall and handcuffs Adilyn. Adilyn screams, waking Jessica from her sleep and causing her to run out to her.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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