Alicide died at the hands of the Bon Temps vigilantes and Pam convinced Eric to go after Sarah Newlin with her in True Blood’s “Fire in the Hole.”

Sookie And Bill Try To Track Hep-V Vamps

In Bon Temps, Sookie (Anna Paquin) put her master plan with Bill (Stephen Moyer) in motion: she was going to drink his blood (after last season’s transfusion, the blood she already had in her system is no longer adequate to alert Bill of her being in danger), and then sit in the woods as bait for the Hep-V vamps. Sookie would allow herself to be taken, just like the others, and Bill would then be able to locate them and rescue Sookie, Arlene (Carrie Preston), Holly (Lauren Bowles) and Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) from becoming Hep-V vamp dinner.

Bill isn’t all too thrilled with the plan, but he uses the time to bond with Sookie and try to establish a friendship with her again. While waiting for the Hep-Vamps to come and find her, Bill asks Sookie if she loves Alcide (Joe Manganiello). She tells him that she does and that Alcide wants to have kids, but she admits that she feels like Alcide loves her more than she loves him. She can feel it and hear it in his thoughts, and it drives her insane with guilt. Bill tells Sookie that love is not always equal, and maybe she’ll grow to love Alcide to the extent that he loves her.

Sarah Newlin Returns

Meanwhile, in France, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) confronts Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) about his seemingly suicidal attitude. Infected with Hep-V, he has given up the fight and is just waiting to die. He doesn’t want Pam to help him, to fight for him to survive. She wants to know if this is about Sylvie. In flashbacks it is revealed that Sylvie (Gabriella Wright) was a French human with whom Eric fell in love in the ‘80s. Due to Eric’s unwillingness to comply with the Authority, he was forced to choose between Pam’s life and Sylvie’s. He chose Pam, and Sylvie was stabbed by Authority minions. Now, thirty years later, Eric tells Pam that he didn’t infect himself with Hep-V on purpose, but he wasn’t being all that careful either. He wants her to leave him to die in peace, but Pam knows just the trick to get him back in fighting shape: Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). She tells him that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) let Sarah live, and she’s still out there, somewhere. Just like that, Eric is ready to go, and the two are poised to track her down.

Sarah, it turns out, is now hiding out in a spiritual retreat, doing yoga and having sex with her instructor under the name Numi. After she has sex with her instructor, he tells her to go in the wine cellar and pick a nice bottle for them to share. When she’s gone, the Authority minions, who actually work for the Japanese company that manufactured Tru Blood, arrive. They ask the instructor if he has seen Sarah Newlin, and he admits that he has, but refuses to tell them where she is now. As Sarah listens in from the cellar, the men slash the instructor’s throat and he dies while she cowers in the wine cellar.

Vigilantes Wage War Against The Supernatural

Back in Bon Temps, the vigilantes, under Vince’s leadership, have taken over the town. They confront Sam (Sam Trammell) as he’s on his way home from a chat with the Reverend (Gregg Daniel). Vince (Brett Rickaby) informs him that he is no longer mayor of Bon Temps – the people thought they were electing a human, not an animal. They unceremoniously kill the vampire protecting Sam and turn their guns on Sam. They don’t want any supernatural creatures in their town. Sam turns into an owl and flies away as the mob shoots at him.

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Andy (Chris Bauer) arrive at the Sherriff’s station to free Adilyn (Bailey Noble) and Wade (Noah Matthews) just as they are about to kiss. Jessica walks in on them, and promises Adilyn she won’t tell her father that she was almost caught making out in a jail cell with Wade. Adilyn tells her father that she thinks Sookie could be in danger, and the gang head over to Jason’s to get him up to speed. They interrupt Jason and Violet (Karolina Wydra) in the middle of a fight. Jason had casually mentioned to possibility of having children after all this was over, and Violet started yelling about how she wanted a soldier for a man, not a man who feels emotions. She graciously agrees to pause their fight while they go look for Sookie. Adilyn and Wade hide out in Jason’s house while Jason, Violet, Jessica and Andy go off to save Sookie.

RIP Maxine Fortenberry

When they meet the vigilantes, Andy tries to reason with Vince. But, Maxine Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) went off about how Jessica drove her son, Hoyt, away from her, and shoots her in the arm. Without wasting a second, Violet rips out Maxine’s heart, and the vigilantes scatter. As Jason tends to a wounded Jessica, Violet runs after Rocky, Holly’s other son, and takes him back to Andy. Jason notices that Jessica isn’t healing – she hasn’t eaten, and her energy is low.

While the gang continues to search for Sookie, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and James (Nathan Parsons) bond over various drugs and get high together off a cocktail of pills that Lafayette swallows and is transferred to James when James drinks his blood. The two almost kiss, but James tells Lafayette that he is still with Jessica – though he is unhappy with her – and he doesn’t want to be unfaithful. Meanwhile, the Reverend manages to calm Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) down from her V-induced visions of Tara and realize that Lettie Mae could become addicted to Willa’s blood. He lets Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) drink from him as he explains to her that, as nice as she is, he can’t have her in his home with Lettie Mae. She finishes her meal and he rescinds the invitation into his home.

The Vigilantes Shoot Alcide

The Hep-V vamps have finally decided to go hunting again, but they also decided that they should bring along a snack in case they get weak and don’t find any fresh food. They decide to take Holly along with them through the woods of Bon Temps. They send Holly out in front of them, into Bill and Sookie’s path to distract them before they attack. They knock Bill out of the tree, and wrap him up in silver chains so he can’t help Sookie as they converge upon her. Out of nowhere, Alcide, in wolf form, and Sam, as a dog, attack a few of the Hep-V vamps and Andy, Jason, Violet and Jessica arrive, guns blazing. They take out all the Hep-V vamps, with a few of them exploding all over Sookie. Violet rushes Sookie to the lake to clean the infected blood off her before she accidentally ingests any. As Sookie is getting cleaned up, he turns on Bill. Bill tries to say that he knows Sookie well enough to know that she wouldn’t back down from her plan, so he decided to help her. Alcide doesn’t take too kindly to his response, but before he can do anything about it, shots are fired. Two of the vigilantes were looking on, and they shot Alicide in the chest and in the head, just because he's a werewolf.

Sookie runs over to his body, sobbing. Jessica and Violet offer to turn him, but Sookie refuses. She has been down that road before (with Tara), and Alcide wouldn’t want to be a vampire.

RIP Alcide.

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