True Blood ended its sixth season with “Radioactive,” an episode that may or may not have seen the death of Eric and the formation of an unholy human/vampire alliance.

Terry’s funeral has come to an end, and Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) decide to take a walk to gather their thoughts. Sookie is still upset that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) never made it. The two are interrupted when Alcide sniffs vampires (in the daytime), and Bill (Stephen Moyer) and all the vampires he rescued (minus Eric) are frolicking around Bill’s mansion. They’re all high on his fairy-vamp blood, and orgies soon begin on the lawn while Violet (Karolina Wydra) gnaws on Jason’s neck. Sookie convinces a freaked out Alcide to let her go investigate alone, and she heads straight for her brother.

Violet is immediately on the defensive, but when she realizes that Sookie is Jason’s sister and not a romantic rival, she smiles and embraces Sookie, giving her a nice long kiss on the lips. “She’s European,” says Jason, before telling Sookie that Violet has claimed him, but he’s not that freaked out about it. He feels like someone really has his back. Sookie warns him to be careful and then has a nice reunion with Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley). Bill watches on from inside.

Sookie then goes to see Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) in fairy land. While Sookie was burying Terry, Warlow kept himself busy making a maypole for their impeding nuptuals. He explains that they will be wed in a sweet fairy ritual, and all is good until Sookie floats the idea that they might date first and marry later. She wants him to become a part of her life, become friends with her friends and figure out how to be a part of her life before she commits an eternity to him. Upon hearing this, Warlow immediately turns violent, hitting Sookie and telling her, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn’t care whether she loves him or not, she will become his tonight.

At Bill’s party house, Pam’s high has worn off and she goes after Eric despite Tara’s objections. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) walks into the house and finds a sad Bill. He has lost Lilith and no longer has her powers; he tells her that he feels like Bill again. The problem is, as Bill, he now feels the consequences of his actions. He admits to Jessica that he made Sookie trade her life in exchange for Warlow’s blood. Jessica encourages him to fight for Sookie, no matter what.

Bill and Jessica go straight to Jason, who is fired up, and heads straight to Andy (Chris Bauer) with Violet in tow to ask for Adilyn’s help getting to fairy land. Andy is less than thrilled, and is ready to slam the door in Jason’s face, but after reading Jason’s mind, Adilyn (Bailey Noble) says she wants to help. Sookie is the only one like her, and she wants to make sure Sookie is okay. Andy relents, but if he’s going to face Warlow, he’s going in packing. Andy and Jason gather their weapons and the war for Sookie is on.

Bill tries to talk Adilyn through using her light to get them to the fairy plane, where Warlow is feeding on Sookie, but she has no idea how to access her powers so Violet scares her into activating them.

In fairy land, everyone speeds into action. Bill attacks Warlow while Violet gets Sookie, and Bill tells everyone to take Sookie to safety while he deals with Warlow.

At the Stackhouse house, Sookie is resting in her bedroom and Violet is feeding her some of her blood so she can heal. Jason stays close to his sister and Andy is posted outside. It isn’t long before Warlow appears. He hits Violet and Bill with his light, locks Andy and Jason in the bunker with Adilyn and goes to find Sookie. She’s hiding in her shower, and Warlow thinks he’s won.

Out of nowhere, a portal opens up to another plane and Niall (Rutger Hauer) emerges as a ghost-like form and wraps his arms tightly around Warlow. Niall is able to hold Warlow still, giving Jason time to stake him in the part. As Warlow disintegrates before their eyes, Sookie and Jason pull Niall back into their world.

With Warlow dead, the power of his blood dies too, and all the vamps Bill fed feel the power to walk in the sun leaving them. Suddenly, we’re taken to Sweden, where Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) is sunbathing in the nude, reading a book on top of a snowy mountain. Warlow’s powers evaporate, and Eric begins to burn. He is quickly engulfed in flames, with nowhere to hide.

Cut to six months later. Bill is a best-selling author trying to create an alliance between vampires and humans to protect the world from Hep V infected vamps – who, it seems, have become zombie-like mobs of violent and deranged killers. Sookie and Alcide are a real couple now, and Violet’s still making Jason work for it.

The whole town gathers for church, where the entire congregation is given a blood test to determine their Hep V status, and new mayor, Sam (Sam Trammell), announces a plan to fight the Hep V vamps: after the blood test results, every adult who tests negative for Hep V can form a relationship with a vampire. The vampires will keep the adult and his or her family protected, and in exchange, they will be allowed to feed on the adult. This announcement does not go over smoothly. Sam encourages the congregation to assemble at the new Bellefleur bar and grill, now run by Arlene (Carrie Preston), for some free food and their test results. Vamps are also invited – it’s like speed dating.

Sookie and Alcide make an appearance at the party, but they’re not interested in making any deals for vampire protection. They’re both negative for Hep V though. At the party, Tara and her mother appear to make up, with Tara’s mother apologizing for not feeding her when she was younger and offering to feed her now. Tara didn’t want to, but she gave in and her mother cradled her head while she ate from her mother’s neck.

Jessica leaves the party to go see Andy, who has sworn not to make any deals with vamps. Jessica knocks on Andy’s door. He opens it holding a shotgun, naturally, and Adilyn is scared in the background. Jessica stands there, almost ready for Andy to shoot her. He asks her what she wants, and she tells him that what she wants is to give him his daughters back. But, she can’t, and so she’ll settle for being able to give them her protection. Andy is suspicious and almost pulls the trigger before slamming the door in her face. Jessica doesn’t want blood in return, she just wants to keep them safe, and so she stands guard outside.

Sookie and Alcide are getting ready to leave the party. Oh, but nothing is that easy in Bon Temps. They’re stopped in the parking lot by Bill, who wants to offer Sookie his protection. He warns her that she needs protection more than anyone (as a fairy), and Alcide tries to growl at him to get him to leave, but Bill doesn’t budge. Before any deal can be struck, the two supernatural men sense something. A pack of Hep V vamps are approaching, and they look hungry.

With that, True Blood season 6 is over. There was no mention of Eric or Pam in the "6 months later" half of the episode – Eric could be alive or dead.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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