As True Blood's seventh and final season comes to an end, HBO is partnering with Screen Bid to auction off props from the set, including Eric Northman’s Fangtasia Throne and a menu from Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.

Eric's Fangtasia Throne Up For Auction

The auction, which will begin 9 a.m. PDT on Aug. 20 and end at 9:53 a.m. PDT on Aug. 25, will reportedly feature over 1,500 items from the set, though only 125 are currently listed. Most of the props up for auction are wardrobe and décor pieces – signs from Fangtasia, paintings from Eric’s offices – but the most desirable item on the list so far is probably Eric’s Fangtasia Throne.

The throne is not only how viewers were introduced to Alexander Skarsgard’s beloved (and highly lusted after) Eric Northman, it also has its own mythology. In this final season’s fourth episode, “Death Is Not The End,” viewers learned the origins of Eric’s legendary throne. The chair was actually purchased by Ginger and was the basis for her dream of Fangtasia, an idea Pam then stole and claimed as her own. Other set pieces available for auction, such as Bill Compton’s Whale Skeleton Triptych, don’t have the same symbolic value.

The throne is currently priced at $1,000, but the price will no doubt escalate once the auction takes off. The official description of the throne reads, “This truly spectacular throne is a must-have item for True Blood fans. Imagine having it in your family room, your media room, your office…or your Throne Room.

True Blood Auction: Alcide's Leather Jacket, More

For True Blood fans who are less enthralled by vampires, and more taken with the show’s human heartthrobs, HBO is also auctioning off Jason Stackhouse’s Bon Temps Football t-shirt, which, they claim, is “right off Jason’s back.” And werewolf fans can bid on Alcide’s Leather Jacket and Jeans – yes, it is the jacket that he wore in the final season and that Sookie wore after he died.

Other wardrobe pieces available include Arlene’s Merlotte’s uniform, Arlene’s wedding gown and Sookie’s white sundress. Fans can also bid on fangs – both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ – including those of Queen Sophie, custom made to fit actress Evan Rachel Wood. Finally, fans who have always dreamed of being bitten by Stephen Moyer’s Bill Compton can come one step closer to making those dreams a reality with Bill Compton’s Hard Fangs, starting at $500. Though, it should be noted that Screen Bid warns, “Item not intended for wear.”

More strange items on the list include a ‘True Death’ Puddle of Bloody Remains, priced at $150. The rubber prop features a small pile of vampire remains – bones and flesh – sitting on a puddle of blood.

True Blood's final two episodes will air Sunday, Aug. 17, and Sunday, Aug. 24, at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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