There may be little that can be done to save Brad Pitt's zombie vehicle, World War Z, from apocalypse. Extensive re-shoots, a last-minute script rewrite and creative issues have already forced the $170 million-plus zombie war movie to a June 2013, instead of a December, release, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

World War Z, which is being produced by Paramount and Pitt, is based on a best-selling novel by Max Brooks. Pitt has said that he was hoping to kick off a thinking man's trilogy, but it seems like the first installment is off to a rough start. “Can we take this genre movie and use it as a Trojan horse for sociopolitical problems, and what would the effect on the world be if everything we knew was upside-down and pulled out from under us?” Pitt recently said.

But Marc Forster, the director Pitt chose to head up the project, has little CGI experience and failed to make important decisions about how the zombies would look and move on time — one of many problems that prompted one source to call the process "a nightmare from top to bottom."

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