Trophy Wife returned Tuesday night with ‘Cold File’: Kate (Malin Akerman) takes on more responsibility with her stepkids and winds up helping Bert (Albert Tsai) break the rules.

After a difficult night putting Burt to bed with Pete (Bradley Whitford), Kate feels useless in the mornings, with the kids always going to Pete for help getting ready but never accepting help from her. Kate goes to Pete and asks him to let her take on more responsibility with the kids. Pete agrees, and later that day, after Bert’s soccer game, Kate is tasked with looking after Bert and putting him to bed since Jackie (Michaela Watkins) – the second wife, and Bert’s mother – can’t watch him.

Jackie seems hesitant, but agrees. In an effort to get Bert to sleep, Kate allows him to watch TV with her in her bed. She makes him pinky swear that it will be their secret, but she falls asleep before Bert and Bert ends up watching a cold case television show where the villain steals people’s organs.


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When Kate wakes him up the next morning, Bert is sleepy from a horrible night’s sleep so she gives him a sip of her coffee. Pete is so impressed at how good Kate is with Bert, asks Kate to act as assistant coach for Bert’s soccer team – the previous assistant coach had a nervous breakdown.

At practice that afternoon, Bert is crashing from the caffeine high, and he’s beginning to draw attention with his strange behavior. Kate tries to energize him subtly, only to end up kicking a soccer ball right into his stomach. Bert, terrified that someone will take his ‘uterus’ after watching the cold case on television, freaks out and has to be taken to the hospital.

Once there, Bert and Kate are forced to come clean, and Jackie is furious. Pete asks Jackie to go a bit easier on Kate, but he’s upset with her as well – he feels betrayed that Kate lied to him about her time looking after Bert. Kate promises she won’t keep anthing from him anymore, and Jackie apologizes to Kate.

Meanwhile, Hilary (Bailee Madison) and Warren (Ryan Lee) are with their mother, Diane (Marcia Gay Harden). Breaking the rules, Hilary brings chips and salsa with her on the couch, and she and Warren end up spilling salsa all over the couch cushions. Guilty and unsure of what to do, the kids panic when their mother comes home and flip the cushions, hoping she’ll never know. The next day, Diane teases them with the salsa while making snacks, forces them to salsa dance with her in the living room and finally gets them to confess their snacking sins.

Trophy Wife airs 9:30 p.m., Tuesdays on ABC.

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