While much of the internet lambasted First Lady Melania Trump for wearing high-heels to help those effected by Hurricane Harvey on Tuesday, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah took to the airwaves to defend the Slovenian wife of Donald Trump.

Speaking first of the horrifying news that North Korea launched a nuclear missile that passed over the northern area of Japan, Noah, who has helmed The Daily Show since 2015, noted that other’s online seemed far more concerned with Trump’s footwear.

“People weren’t talking about the nuclear missile that Kim Jon-un tested, because Melania Trump apparently did something much worse,” Noah said. “She went to Houston wearing high heels.”

Noah continued his defense of the First Lady. “Here’s the thing, I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people. Who cares?”

He then brought up the Pope’s outfit, which obviously is not so much of a personal fashion choice as Trump’s heels were.

“Look at the Pope…All white with giants bling, he looks like he’s going to a P. Diddy party.”

But Noah saved his biggest punchline, and strongest line of defense for Melania, for last.

“In Melania’s defense, she lives in a permanent disaster zone, and that’s what she always wears.”

Trump was heavily criticized online for wearing the alligator-skin high-heels onto Air Force One as she and her husbanded headed to Texas in response to the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Many seemed to feel that her shoes represented the excessive wealth and ignorance to good optics that has plagued this administration – among many other things – since it’s inception.

When the Trumps landed in Texas, the First Lady descended onto the tarmac in a different outfit, swapping her heels for a pair of white and green Adidas Stan Smith’s.

Watch the clip in full below.

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