On Monday, the music world lost another legend when Eagles’ guitarist Glenn Frey died. Many shared their love for Frey on social media, including Frey’s friend, Travis Tritt.

Tritt released this statement when the news was released:

“Glenn Frey and the music he created alone and with the Eagles have been such an inspiration to me,” Tritt writes. “We first met at the video shoot for my version of ‘Take It Easy’ in 1993. He always went out of his way to acknowledge and encourage me ever since. I’m a better person, better musician and a better songwriter having met him. I still can’t believe he is gone!”

When Tritt released “Take It Easy,” in 1993, the band reconciled and agreed to put aside their differences and reunite for heir 1994 Hell Freezes Over tour.

Tritt also tweeted the video yesterday with the caption, “In honor of the late Glenn Frey, one of my favorite Eagles songs. RIP my friend!”

Tritt also tweeted a photo last night with the band captioned, “A photo from the day I first met Glenn Frey and got to be an ‘Eagle’ for a day. – 1993.”

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