Rapper and music producer Travis Scott was arrested for disorderly conduct following a concert, and the Internet is blaming his new girlfriend Kylie Jenner and her ex Tyga for no apparent reason.


Scott, who was born Jaques Webster, was charged with inciting a riot as well as disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare of a minor. The police department in Rogers, Arkansas, where the arrest occurred, made a Facebook post about the incident: “During the concert Webster encouraged people to rush the stage and bypass the security protocols to ensure concert goer safety. During the rush to the stage several people were injured, including an employee from the security company hired to help monitor and control the crowd, and a member of the police department. The injured subjects were treated at the AMP by members of the Rogers Fire Department and Mercy Medical.”

A source close to Scott denies these claims, saying he saw “available space in the general admission toward the front, so [Scott] invited seated guests in the back to come forward. We’re told he had no intention of putting anyone in danger.”

Scott and Jenner’s relationship came out to the public in April. Fans of the rapper blamed his new girlfriend for his arrest, despite there being nothing to tie her to his charges. They even started a new hashtag, #FreeTravisScott. “How are you gonna arrest this man??” one Twitter user wrote. “I blame Kylie #FreeTravisScott.”

Another created a meme of Tyga calling the police to “report a robbery.” “Ok sir calm down, what did they take?” asked the 911 operator in the joke. “My girl,” said Tyga.

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