Travis Pastrana kicks off the 2018 Nitro Circus Live European Tour by doing a backflip on his motorcycle between two barges in the Thames River in London.


Pastrana is the first ever person to succeed at the attempt, with the last person who tried ending up in the hospital. Mike Metzger, the last ride to attempt the jump, suffered a fractured spine after brutally crashing in Long Beach Harbour, Los Angeles, in 2006. Pastrana is the next known person to try.

There was a 75-foot gap between the two barges floating on the Thames on Thursday. With London’s O2 arena in the background, the stuntman had only 150 feet to accelerate before hitting the jump, and then only 36 feet to come to a stop on the second barge. Additionally, the barges weren’t anchored but were merely free-floating on the water.

Pastrana is known around the world for his daredevil antics, and this stunt fits the bill. He competes in the X-Games extreme motocross competition and races in the U.S. for NASCAR. In his career, Pastrana has broken more than 90 bones and gotten 25 concussions, but still he keeps going. In addition to kicking off the Live European Tour, Pastrana will also be touring with live stunt show Nitro Circus in Nov. and Dec.

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