A transgender woman helped take down the gunman during the tragic Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance.

While combat vet Richard Fierro was holding down suspect Anderson Aldrich, the woman stomped the gunman with her high heels. Her act allowed Fierro to deflect Adlrich from continuing to fire. The bravery displayed by the two patrons stopped any more lives from being taken that night.

Initial reporting called the heroic woman a drag queen, but the drag performer who was in attendance took to Twitter to correct the mistake. The drag queen, who uses the name Del Lusional said the woman saved her life. 

The woman has not yet been named, and Del Lusional urged followers to “let her grieve” in peace until she decides to release her identity to the media.

The Club Q performer and other patrons tweeted their memories of some of the victims, including transgender man Daniel Aston. He was remembered for making patrons feel safe at the LGBT nightclub.

“Enjoy the stupid moments with your friends,” the performer tweeted.

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