The fifth installment of the popular movie, Transformers 5: Age Of Extinction, to set to begin filming in May under the direction of Michael Bay. Bay has directed all four of the previous Transformer movies. 

The movie is not set to film for another three months, but Paramount is already taking steps to get the critics on board with the movie. The movie company has recruited The Walking Dead  creator Robert Kirkman, Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, I Am Legend writer Akiva Goldsman, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk writer Zak Penn and Lost writer Jeff Pinkner. The writers will be collaborating on the outline of the script.

Even with high numbers at the box office, the last Transformers movies received poor reviews from critics.

Mark Walberg will return as scientist, Cade Yeager and Nicole Peltz to her role as Cade’s daughter, Tessa.

Writer Goldsman recently described the atmosphere was during the writing process.

“The room was honestly as delightful an experience as I’ve had,” he told IGN Entertainment. “I think that we were just lucky enough to have a lot of good folks, all of whom were very generous. You know, I lurked around Fringe, and I learned a lot there. When you have a bunch of people who you respect, who are smart and talented, all trying to help each other figure stuff out, it’s good whether you’re all in a car heading across country for a road trip or a marriage and a family or a writers’ room.”

Goldsman also explained how Transformers and humans interact with the other. “Fundamentally, there seems to be something really great about the interaction between the two species.”

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