A New York City man claimed that he was fired from Trader Joe’s after he wrote a letter to the company asking for stricter COVID safety guidelines.

On Friday, Ben Bonnema tweeted that he was terminated from his job at the grocery store’s Upper West Side location. Bonnema also shared the letter he sent to CEO Dan Bane, highlighting the potential dangers the store had with transmitting the virus indoors via aerosol particles. Bonnema asked if the company would adjust their filtration systems to better protect customers and staff.

In the letter, Bonnema suggested that the store should not let anyone inside without properly wearing a mask “for any reason.” He added that the store should “adopt a 3 strikes’ policy” to remove “uncooperative people from our stores.”

“I was recently shouted out and sworn at by a customer who would not wear his mask above his nose, despite Mates already asking him to do so. He was allowed to finish his shopping and check out,” the former worker wrote in the letter. “We put our lives on the line everyday by showing up to work. Please, show up for us by adopting these policies.”

In an additional tweet, Bonnema shared the termination letter he was given on February 26. The letter claimed that the letter he sent corporate did not align with the company’s values.

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