Beyonce‘s unborn babies were the subject of a Saturday Night Live sketch yesterday.

Tracy Morgan, the former SNL cast member and actor from 30 Rock, played one of the babies. The sketch showed Beyonce getting an ultrasound, which reveals the “children” relaxing in the womb. The second twin was played by SNL castmember Keenan Thompson.

Joking that there is a recording studio in her womb, Morgan comments to Thompson that he feels like “they’re different to other babies.” The “womb” is portrayed as a luxurious space with velvet curtains.

“Yo, our mama is Beyoncé, man,” Thompson says. “Wow – I don’t even breathe yet, and I know who Beyoncé is. She’s the Queen B!”

The “twins” also discuss what their future names will be, and finally decide on Jade Rain and Lord Burberry.

You can watch the SNL skit here:

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