After it was announced that the new granddaddy of computer animation studios, Pixar, had plans to make a sequel to its 2001 hit, Monsters, Inc., the speculation started flying about whether or not that was the only Pixar sequel in the works, or if such films as Finding Nemo and the next installment in the Toy Story franchise might also be ripe for resuming.

Rumor has it that original Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton (John Carter, Wall-E) has been scoped out to return to animation from live action and work on Finding Nemo 2, and that a 3D re-release of the original Finding Nemo is already in the works "to test the waters," reports the Independent.

The original Finding Nemo featured the voices of Albert Brooks as Marlin, the timid clownfish who went on an epic quest to find his missing son, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, the gregarious but chronically forgetful fish who accompanies Marlin on his journey, Alexander Gould as the adventurous Nemo, and Willem Dafoe as consummate villain Gill. There is no word yet on which members of the original cast would return.

As for Toy Story 4, Tom Hanks, the star who voiced Woody in the kids' series, confirmed to BBC News last year that the new installment was "being worked on" already. According to IMDB, the new Toy Story project has been announced and will feature Hanks returning with Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Joan Cusack as Jesse, Michael Keaton as Ken and Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head. Stanton and Pixar's John Lasseter would reportedly return as writers.

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