Looks like Josh Brolin‘s acting skills and Megan Fox playing a hooker wasn’t enough to salvage the horrible story line of yet another graphic novel given the Hollywood treatment, Jonah Hex. The film, which opened Friday, tanked at the box office, taking in a weak $5 million and debuting at number 8 in the charts. To put it in perspective, Hex was one spot lower and took in $15,000 less than Ashton Kutcher‘s latest flop, Killers, which is in its third week.

Disney/Pixar’s third installment of the Toy Story franchise, fared much better in its first weekend, raking in $109 million. Last week’s Karate Kid and The A-Team came in at numbers 2 and 3, respectively, while Universal’s Get Him to the Greek held the number four spot for the second week in a row. – ELENA COX

1. Toy Story 3, $109 mil
2. The Karate Kid,  $29 mil
3. The A-Team, $13.7 mil
4. Get Him to the Greek, $6.1 mil
5. Shrek Forever After, $5.5 mil
6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, $5.2 mil
7. Killers, $5.1 mil
8. Jonah Hex, $5 mil
9. Iron Man 2, $2.6 mil
10. Marmaduke, $2.6 mil


  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    Wow, just like that Sex and the City 2 fell off the charts. Toy Story 3 was awesome, I'm even more sad now that it's really over 🙁

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