Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who recently completed a two-month stint in rehab, has opened up about his drug use that led up to his decision to seek treatment.

Rob Ford Opens Up About Addiction

In the months leading up to his rehabilitation, Ford’s behavior was making headline news. It was not only his obvious addiction problems that were troubling his constituents, but his homophobic and sexist comments.

"I think that goes along with having this disease," Ford said in a one-on-one interview with CBC’s Dwight Drummond. "[When using drugs] You do things, you say things that aren't you. I take full responsibility. All I can do is apologize and deal with this disease. This is an everyday battle. This is the beginning of a long journey.”

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Ford, who says he ran “the full gamut” when it came to his drug use and openly admitted he was smoking crack in one of the infamous pictures of him, explained that his problems with addiction aren’t going to go away. They’re something he’ll have to deal with for the rest of his life. "I was born with blond hair, I'll die with blond hair," Ford told Drummond. "I was born with this disease, I’m going to die with this disease."

Ford's Future In Public Life

Despite his ongoing struggle with substance abuse, Ford has no plans to step away from public office. Though the stress of the job could potentially trigger his addictions, Ford maintains his proclivity for drugs stemmed from before he became Toronto’s mayor.

"I love this job. I'm proud of my public record doing this job,” said Ford, adding, “I've done [drugs] for years before I got this job.”

Ford continued, “I can only take it one day at a time. I know I didn't drink yesterday, and I haven't drank today. "


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