Toronto firefighter Constantinos Filippidis, 49, had been missing from a ski trip in the Adirondacks for five days when he called his wife from Sacramento.

Fire officials said Filippidis was still wearing his ski gear and had been by himself when he called his wife, who recognized his voice. He couldn’t explain how he wound up on the other side of the country.

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“He was confused,” Toronto Professional Firefighters’ Association President Frank Ramagnano told the New York Daily News. “He wasn’t able to give direct answers.”

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Police Information Officer Sgt. Shaun Hampton told The Post-Standard that Filippidis believes he suffered head injuries and remembers riding in a large rig-style truck at some point of time.

Hampton’s deputies believe Filippidis is suffering memory loss. The Sacramento sheriff’s office is not investigating the incident, according to Hampton.

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