A seven-year-old girl named Avalinn Rackley went viral this week after she received Christmas presents from former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The girl is recovering from severe injuries after a tornado swept through their Caruthersville, Missouri home on Dec. 10.

Avalinn sustained multiple broken vertebrae in her back. She underwent surgery and has been seen in a video walking slowly down a hospital hallway, wearing a back brace and using a walker.

“We are so encouraged by the strength and determination you have shown during this very difficult time. You will remain in our hearts for complete care and comfort as you continue to recover,” read part of the letter that Trump and Melania sent along with the presents.

The tornado flung the family from their home and into a nearby field. It resulted in the death of Avalinn’s older sister, nine-year-old Annistyn. It also destroyed the Rackleys’ house, injured all members of the family and left their mother, Meghan, with a traumatic brain injury. Meghan recently woke up from her coma and was able to say her mother’s name.

Many cite climate change as the reason for the devastating tornadoes that tore through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio and Indiana earlier this month. Severe weather disasters are becoming increasingly common.

“This is going to be our new normal, and the effects that we’re seeing from climate change are the crisis of our generation,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell of the tornadoes and other severe weather disasters.

President Joe Biden echoed this sentiment. In the wake of the historic storms, he said “The fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming.”

Trump and his fellow Republicans have consistently downplayed the existence and effects of climate change. They have opposed regulations that would reduce harm to the environment, and have often instead favored measures that exacerbate the issues.

Biden campaigned on the promise to fight against climate change. His proposed social spending and climate change package, the Build Back Better Act, was central to this agenda. However, it recently stalled in the Senate, and it is currently unclear when or how Democrats can pass similar progressive legislation in 2022.

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