A bold Argentina fan was able to leave Qatar without consequence after she went topless in celebration of the defeat of France in the World Cup.

After the crucial penalty kick by Gonzalo Montiel during Sunday’s final game, the cameras panned to ecstatic fans in the stands. Viewers at home got a glimpse of a woman baring her breasts as she cheered on Argentina.


The woman, later identified as Noe, has named herself “The Topless Girl,” on social media. Her proud display wasn’t as well received by Qatari officials, who quickly escorted her and her friend, who was also topless, out of the stadium. 

Because of the strict nature of Qatar’s laws about women’s modesty, fans expressed concern about Noe and her fellow topless friend facing harsh consequences and even prison time from the government. 

Non-Qatari women are not required to wear the abaya, a long, loose cloak, but they must cover their midriff, shoulders and knees. All women traveling to Qatar are banned from wearing tight clothing or showing their cleavage.

Noe and the friend, who goes by Milubarbiie, seemingly left the country without repercussion and have continued posting topless clips from Sunday’s game. The women not only left the stadium unscathed but flashed people even as they left the stadium, showing Argentinian flags painted over their nipples.

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