Danny Carey, the drummer for rock band Tool, was arrested Sunday evening by airport police at the Kansas City Airport after an altercation with another man.

A ticket from the police was issued Tuesday and said that Carey intentionally inflicted harm on the victim by yelling a homophobic slur repeatedly and jabbing him in the chest with two fingers.

In a video, Carey is seen arguing with airport police officers in a red jersey outside the terminal and becoming increasingly agitated. The video appears to take place after the incident reported in the ticket once police were on the scene, and the alleged assault victim is not pictured.

Carey repeats, “Who did I assault?” multiple times at the start of the video, and snaps “I just want to get the f–k home” at an officer.

The video then shows Carey talking with two airport police officers, who eventually handcuff him. He can be heard pleading “Come on man,” with the officers, but they continue to handcuff him.

Carey is scheduled to appear in municipal court on Jan 12 at 9 a.m. on the charge of assault.

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