On Netflix’s reunion episode of Too Hot to Handle, Harry Jowsey proposed to Francesca Farago with a Ring Pop. But at the moment, the couple isn’t actually engaged.

“I think it definitely just needs to be done in-person, like a proper proposal. So, as of right now, no, we’re not engaged, for everyone who’s been asking,” Farago said. “I mean, we kind of are, but I don’t know because how do you really decide that via Zoom call?”

The episode aired on May 8 and was filmed over Zoom where cast members appeared remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“I’m on one knee,” Jowsey said during the show. “You’ve absolutely changed my life. I love you so much and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

While the couple isn’t technically engaged, they have discussed wedding plans. 

“We, of course, have ideas in our head. But right now, we’re just focused on the immediate future and getting through this quarantine … We’re not focused on wedding stuff. We’re just focusing on keeping us together and strong … it’s hard to go months and months and months without seeing the person that you love the most,” Farago said.

Too Hot to Handle, follows 14, young, attractive singles who appear on the beaches of an unknown spot in Mexico. Cast members have to abstain from all sexual activity in order to have any chance of finding love and winning the $100,000 prize. 

The reality show has received criticism for its trashy nature and for focusing on only one type of body image.

“I think our show was targeting on getting hot, horny, single people. I think that was the target, so I think that’s what they were going for when they cast. I really haven’t thought about this, to be honest. I think there could have been more variety on the cast, for sure,” Farago said.


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