Tony Stewart Returns to NASCAR

Tony Stewart returned to NASCAR just under a month since the death of fellow racer Kevin Ward. Stewart had skipped the last three races out of respect for Wards family, though his return last night was not what he was hoping for. While the crowd welcomed him warmly, the three time NASCAR champion came in 41st out of 43 racers. Kasey Kahne won the race, while famous speedster Danica Patrick (who races under Stewart's team) placed sixth, her best finish to date.

Stewart is known for his often pushy and difficult disposition. Below are a number of his meltdowns.

The Death of Kevin Ward

Last month, in upstate New York, Stewart and Ward were racing in sprint cars. They were neck and neck when Ward's car ran off the track and into the fence. Ward lept from his car and ran out onto the raceway to confront the still speeding Stewart who struck and killed Ward. Responsibility for the incident is mixed. Some say the often tempermental Stewart purposely struck Ward while others point out Ward should not have run out onto the track and that Stewart didn't have the time or the room to properly veer away. Last night's race in Georgia was the first time Stewart made a public statement on the incident. The statement is embedded below.

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