The moment Tony Stewart crashed into fellow sprint-car racer Kevin Ward Jr. has been caught on tape in a new video that shows a different angle of the tragic accident.

New Video Of Tony Stewart Crash

While the new video of Stewart’s crash into Ward provides a different perspective, police are no closer to closing the investigation into the wreck at the Canandigua Motorsports Park dirt track last Saturday night. Probable cause has not been established from the evidence gathered.

“At this time, there are no facts that exist that support any criminal behavior or conduct or any probable cause of a criminal act in this investigation,” Sheriff Philip Povero said, according to Sporting News. “This is an open investigation. What I just said is not indicative that the investigation is over or conclusions have been made.”

“We are looking also for persons outside that are familiar with racing, that are familiar with dirt racing that can help us review and analyze these tapes to hopefully clearly understand the crash,” Povero added, noting that the nature of the incident is outside his department’s general expertise. Due to the unfamiliarity with racing, Povero and his team of investigators will have to collect a large sum of information in order to come to a conclusion.

NASCAR driver JJ Yeley would likely agree with Povero’s claim that experts on racing – and specifically sprint-car racing on dirt tracks – would be necessary in their investigation. Yeley, who has driven sprint cars for Stewart, says that from what he’s seen in the videos, Stewart clearly made an effort to avoid hitting Ward.

“[Sprint cars] have a solid rear axle, they don’t turn on a dime,” Yeley, who also questions the visibility Stewart had, told Sporting News. “You usually turn those cars with the gas. … They don’t just turn as soon as you turn the wheel. It does take the throttle to do that.”

During the race on Aug. 9, Stewart clipped Ward's car, sending it into the wall. Afterwards, Ward emerged from his vehicle, walking out onto the track with his arms raised, appearing to be yelling and gesticulating at Stewart, who was coming back around the track. While one car was able to dodge Ward, Stewart clipped the driver with his right rear tire. He has not been criminally charged in the incident.

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