Tony Dow, best known for his role in Leave it to Beaver, has recently been hospitalized. COVID-19 was ruled out as a possibility and the actor was diagnosed with pneumonia. On Aug. 29, his manager Frank Bilotta confirmed Dow’s hospitalization as the reason for his inability to attend the Colorado Springs Convention. 

The next day, Bilotta (through Dow’s official Facebook) confirmed Dow’s diagnosis as pneumonia. Bilotta also assured Dow’s fans that the actor was in “good spirits and [was] doing well” and that he had been “up walking around.” 

Bilotta updated fans again on Aug. 31 by sharing a message from Dow’s wife, Lauren. She wrote, “in Tony’s case, comes a violent cough causing pains on the top of his head, but no fever. Lots of IV’s – it amazes me that a body can survive on IV’s alone. It is heartbreaking to see his arms so bruised and battered.”

Despite everything, Lauren shared that “Tony’s spirit is positive. He gets his daily exercise by walking the corridors with his nurse” and that their child, Poppy, “can’t wait to get her daddy back.”

Dow has also appeared in Mr. Novak, Never Too Young and The New Leave it to Beaver.

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