Tommy Wiseau, the director of The Room, has been ordered to pay $700,000 to the creators of the unauthorized documentary, Room Full of Spoons, about Wiseau’s cult classic. 

Creators of the documentary planned to release their project in 2017, directly after The Disaster Artist, a biographical movie starring James Franco as Wiseau, was released. 

Wiseau filed a lawsuit, claiming that the documentary violated his copyright by using 69 clips from The Room. 

After the trial in January, judge Paul Shavas ruled in favor of the documentary filmmakers. “In my view this action was brought for the improper purpose of preventing the release of a documentary disliked by Tommy Wiseau,” wrote Schabas. 

Wiseau was ordered to pay $550,000 to the filmmakers in lost revenue for the delayed release date. In addition, he added an extra $200,000, citing Wiseau’s “oppressive and outrageous” conduct. 

“Much of Wiseau’s testimony was simply assertions without more. He avoided answering many questions and complained about the process. Wiseau gave lengthy self-serving answers in re-examination,” the judge noted.