In a not-oft seen respectful discussion between conservative millennial pundit Tomi Lahren and liberal Daily Show host Trevor Noah,


Lahren has gained viral fame from her popular Facebook segment “Final Thoughts” on her show Tomi in which she rants about one topic or another for a few minutes. Her most famous was when she criticized San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest. “And Colin, how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems in the minority communities,” she said. “After all, aren’t you half white?”

The two personalities, while clearly having polar opposite beliefs, treated each other with respect and avoided a shouting match, which has unfortunately become the norm in the divided media landscape. Noah is a pro at steering the conversation where he wants it to go, all the while skipping over topics in which both parties could go on and on.

Noah did, however, as appropriate for his show, grill Lahren on her beliefs and called her out on her seemingly contradictory statements. He asked about her comments on Kaepernick and she said she was merely voicing her first amendment right to criticize him, as he used his to protest. When Noah asked her why his form of peaceful protest was so offensive to her, her answers were barely coherent. And when asked how a black man should, in her view, protest the treatment of blacks in this country, he had to ask three times before giving up, as she never gave an answer.

The conversation also covered her views on the Black Lives Matter movement, which she has previously condemned and likened to the KKK. In her defense of the statements, she asked, “what did the KKK do?” Showing an incredible amount of restraint, Noah just repeated the words back to her. But again, he brought the conversation back to its starting point. “But is that the narrative of Black Lives Matter, or are there people saying that within a crowd of other human beings?”

“There is a distinction between a movement and the people, that is something that we keep coming back to,” he continued, after discussing her logic behind her condemnation of BLM. Lahren also attacked the notion that she is racist by saying, “I don’t see color,” which provided Noah with a brief opportunity for humor before he disagreed with that idea. “You say you don’t see color, what do you do at traffic lights?”

Watch the whole segment here.

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