Tom Welling, who famously played Clark Kent on Smallville, hasn’t completely ruled out making an appearance on Supergirl.

Tom Welling On Supergirl?

Earlier this week, when asked about the possibility of reprising the part of Clark Kent, Welling wasn’t sure if it would work. “It would be kind of odd,” Welling told BuzzFeed.

What did Welling mean by “odd”?

“I just meant that, from what I understand, it would be years, at least a couple of years, from how we finished the show on Smallville,” Welling told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “On Smallville, it was Clark becoming Superman. So I would have to imagine he would be Superman on the show.”

“I don’t know what their plan is [on Supergirl]. I don’t know who that character is. I was quite familiar with Clark Kent,” said Welling, adding, “When I said, ‘odd,’ I think I meant that I’m unfamiliar with where he would be emotionally, or where his character would be at as far as that series goes.”

If the opportunity arrived to play Clark Kent/Superman on Supergirl, Welling isn’t so sure what he’d do. “Who knows?” he asked.

Since Smallville‘s 10-season run ended in 2011, Welling has been taking his talents to the big screen. He’s appeared in the JFK assassination drama Parkland with Zac Efron and sports flick Draft Day alongside Kevin Costner.

Welling is currently promoting The Choice, the latest movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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