In early February, Tom Sizemore, 61, was hospitalized following a brain aneurism.

His manager, Charles Lago, said in a statement: “Since that day, Tom has remained in critical condition, in a coma and in intensive care.”

According to Lago, Sizemore’s family was advised by doctors to decide and organize end-of-life plans for Sizemore.


“Today, doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision. The family is now deciding end-of-life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday,” Lago said. “We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support, and prayers that have been received. This has been a difficult time for them.”

Sizemore is best known for his role as Sgt. Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan, a heart-wrenching World War II movie.

He also appeared in several other criminal and war movies such as Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Heat and Natural Born Killers.

Sizemore has struggled with a slew of legal issues and struggled with addiction over the course of his career. Doctors have not confirmed the cause of the brain aneurysm.

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