A solid 30 years after becoming a household name playing Thomas Magnum in the wildly popular 80s TV series, Magnum P.I., actor Tom Selleck, 66, is still in high demand.

The man with the famous moustache is still rocking the small screen on CBS's Friday night flaghip, Blue Bloods, where he appears opposite Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan and Will Estes. Selleck portrays the upstanding Frank Reagan, the New York City Commissioner and patriarch to a family whose legacy is law enforcement. Selleck and the all-star cast, which also inclues Crash's Jennifer Esposito and Damages Len Cariou, is filming its second season in New York.

Selleck, who keeps busy playing Jesse Stone in a series of television movies based on the late Robert B. Parker novels, likes the variety he gets from Blue Bloods. "It's fun playing the boss," he told CBS News earlier this summer, when it became clear that Blue Bloods was here to stay. "It's also kind of nice for me to play a patriarch, play the father. I really like that. There's not enough good fathers around. I mean kind of — no offence, Homer Simpson's an idiot."

Selleck also has the energy for a Magnum P.I. remake, should he be called on to reprise his role from the earlier series on the big screen. "I heard that somebody had the rights [to a movie version]," he told AolTv. "But I don't know whether they'd want me in it, to be honest. Although they've taken some polls, and it appears the audience wants me in it."

While a Magnum P.I. movie may have to wait, Selleck fans can get their fill of the star this fall. The second season of Blue Bloods premieres Friday, September 23, and a new edition of Selleck's hit 1990 movie, Quigley Down Under, is being released on Blu-ray with new bonus features on November 1. The next installment of the Jesse Stone series, Benefit of the Doubt, is also in production.

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