Revenant actor Tom Hardy, 40, seems to have followed through on his bet with Leonardo DiCaprio by getting a tattoo saying “Leo Knows All.”

His friend, Andrew Calisterio, posted a photo to Instagram with Hardy that indicates he got the tattoo on his right bicep.

“Captured a couple Pictures for @tomhardy today. Fingers crossed he posts them. Regardless here’s an obligatory selfie,” Calisterio wrote.

Fans who happened to run into him later also tweeted a photo that revealed the tat.

“Went to SF today and met Tom Hardy!” the fan tweeted.


Hardy first told Esquire that DiCaprio had bet Hardy would earn an Oscar nomination back in 2016 for his supporting role in The Revenant, and Hardy said the loser would have to get a tattoo of the winner’s choice. The British actor has yet to post any photos of the tattoo himself.

Hardy is also known for acting in major films like Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Dunkirk.

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