Tom Hanks told a group of fans to “f— off” after the eager admirers bumped into Hanks’s wife, Rita Wilson.

In a video posted online, Hanks and Wilson can be seen walking to their car in New York City. 

As the pair moved through the streets, Wilson could be heard yelling at some point after a fan bumped into her.

As she stumbled, Wilson regained her footing and said, “Stop it.” Hanks immediately turned to the group with his hands up and shouted, “Back the f— off!”

As the couple entered their car, Hanks turned to the crowd again and added, “Knocking over my wife?”

Wilson and Hanks originally met in 1981 on the set of the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies. At the time, Hanks was in a relationship with Samantha Lewes. He stated that his relationship with Wilson was purely platonic during that time.

After divorcing his first wife, Hanks and Wilson eventually went public with their relationship in 1986. They have two children: Chester “Chet” Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks.

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