If you’re the biggest blink-182 fan on the planet, this news won’t surprise you. But if you’re just a casual listener, this will sound like it is coming out of left field, though the hints were there all along.

Tom DeLonge, one of blink-182’s founding members, left the band in 2015, and since then, he has been hard at work on one of his other passions: the search for intelligence life among the stars.

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In the past several months, there has been increased mainstream coverage of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena, and as a recent Washington Post article details, a lot of that has to do with DeLonge’s latest business venture: To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

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DeLonge has recruited physicists, aerospace experts and former Department of Defense officials, who have been speaking out publicly about UFOs and claiming that the government has not been doing enough to investigate them.

To the Stars’ output has thus far mostly consisted of alien-themed books and graphic novels, but now DeLonge is aiming to turn it into a much more ambitious scientific operation that aims to explore “the most controversial secret on Earth.” Thus far, this has involved releasing creepy videos of Navy pilots freaking out about unexplained objects in the sky:

Skeptics have responded to these videos, suggesting that they just feature birds and/or common visual illusions. Regardless of the validity of what To the Stars has offered so far, DeLonge has assembled a team of former high-ranking government officials who share his passion and values. Whether or not you believe aliens exist, you better get ready for DeLonge to make his pitch to the whole universe.

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