Veteran actor Tom Cruise, with the help of Late Late Show host James Corden, recreated scenes from his most famed movies in a fast-paced, eight-minute clip.


Corden called Cruise out onto the stage and asked, “are you ready to do this?”

“No,” the 54-year-old actor replied. “No, no I’m not ready, but I’ll do it, let’s go.”

The pair immediately spun around, and the green screen backdrop became clear. The first movie they acted out was 1986’s Top Gun, as they wore puffy green jackets and sunglasses. The quickly switched from film to film, as the green screen showed different iconic sets. Cruise and Corden were thrown props at the start, and did frequent outfit changes, complete with many wigs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be James Corden without some humor and ad libbing mixed in. When it came time to Minority Report, Cruise described Corden as having a “fake British accent, physique of a snowman and zero muscles.” Corden then broke character to defend himself, and switched to the next set of scenes, which laid out all five of the Mission Impossible franchise.

The skit also brought in Cuba Gooding, Jr. for the reenactment of 1996’s Jerry Maguire. Corden at first took on Gooding’s role as Cruise’s client, but Goodbing surprised guests by entering and telling Corden, “if you’re gonna do it, let me do it right.” He and Cruise went on to belt out the classic “show me the money” line.

The roughly eight-minute skit ended, of course, with the famed scene from 1983’s Risky Business, which saw both Cruise and Corden in white collared shirts (no tighty whities though) dancing and singing to “Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll.”

They also took the opportunity to plug Cruise’s upcoming sequel film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back while reenacting the original.

“You know what, this movie was so great,” Corden said of Jack Reacher, “I really think you should make a sequel.” Cruise walked toward the audience. “It’s funny you should mention that James because we did do a sequel,” the actor plugged. “It opens in theaters everywhere this Friday, October 21st.”

Watch the entire video below.

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