Tom Cruise, while promoting his latest film Edge of Tomorrow, revealed that he came up with the modern International press tour.

Tom Cruise On Inventing International Press Tours

Cruise was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week when the host asked him when he did his first world tour. The 51-year-old action star revealed his first one was for late 80s smash hit Top Gun – a foreign tour that lasted four months.

"We used to do these foreign tours and it would take months," Cruise told Jimmy Kimmel. "You'd spend weeks in once place, which I loved spending that time but I was working."

"[Martin] Scorcese was editing The Color of Money, there was an early draft of Rain Man, and I was there in Paris, and I thought 'I wanna make movies,'" Cruise added, explaining the frustration of being committed to the extended tours.

Looking for a solution to the grueling foreign tour schedule, Cruise claims to have come up with a new format – the format now employed with most major feature films. "I kinda came up with the idea of doing like, a country, and I thought we'd do a country in a couple days," Cruise said. "I like premieres. I came up with the idea of, let's have premieres in different countries, and then kinda do it that way."

An incredulous Kimmel asked, “You started that?" Cruise replied, "Yeah, I came up with that," admitting, "It took me a few years to get it going."

The Edge of Tomorrow, which also stars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton, hits theaters Friday, June 6. The film, rated PG-13, has received rave reviews from critics.


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