Tom Brady, who threw for four touchdowns in the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory Sunday, appeared in the trailer for Ted 2 that ran during the game.

Tom Brady In ‘Ted 2’

When the Ted 2 trailer opens, the titular talking teddy bear tells his best pal John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) that he and his wife Tami Lynn (Jessica Barth) are trying to have a baby. The only problem is that they need a sperm donor. Where else to acquire the donation in the Boston-area but Tom Brady’s bedroom?

Standing over Brady’s bed with a solo cup, Ted and John ogle what’s under the sheets, waking up the star quarterback, who is duly outraged. He chucks John off the balcony, then tosses Ted to him. On his back amidst broken slats of wood, John remarks in awe, “A perfect spiral!”

Last week, Universal Pictures released the official trailer that introduced the major plot of the Ted sequel that will see the teddy bear on a mission to get his wife pregnant. Not only does he need a sperm donor, but he’s also going to have to prove he’s a person in the court of law. Amanda Seyfried plays his lawyer.

Ted 2 is slated to hit theaters June 26.

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