Toller Cranston, the Canadian skater who won an Olympic bronze medal during his career, died Saturday in Mexico. He was 65.

Toller Cranston Dies

Cranston’s death was announced by his longtime friend Jeanne Beker, reported The Toronto Star. No official cause of death has been revealed, though Beker stated that no foul play was suspected.

“There was a great sense of drama to him and he just made such a mark on all who knew him,” Beker said.

Cranston was a six-time Canadian men’s champion. In the 1974 World Champions and in the 1976 Olympics, he earned bronze medals. One year after becoming an Olympic medalist, Cranston was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

While Beker did not collect as many medals as other ice skaters, his lively freestyle routines are credited with inspiring generations of skaters that have come after him. After retiring from competitive skating, he brought his flare to his own show, as well as several other European skating shows.

Since the 90s, Cranston had devoted himself to painting.

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