World Emoji Day is today and Apple celebrated by previewing a handful of new emojis set to be released later this year. Included in the new group of shareable images is a vomiting emoji, a t-rex emoji, and an emoji of someone’s mind literally being blown-up.

The emoji celebration was originally started by Jeremy Burge, the head of the emoji resource Emojipedia. He picked July 17 as the day to celebrate because Apple’s calendar emoji is set to that date. This is the first year the technology giant has gotten on board and released their plans for new emojis on World Emoji Day.

The new emoji class also includes a bearded man, a zebra, a zombie, and a breastfeeding woman. All the new emojis will be released as part of the new version of iOS 11, which will be available this fall. There will be 56 new emojis as part of the release.

World Emoji Day has also been celebrated across Twitter.

The official New England Patriots’ account Tweeted out a “few of our favorites,” followed by five ring emojis and five trophy emojis to represent the franchises five Super Bowl victories.

Burge, the founder of the celebration, also posted his happy wishes on Twitter accompianied by a comic highlighting the new way in which we communicate. In the comic, two people are stranded on an island and have a drawn the face of a screaming emoji in the sand. One suggests they write “SOS” just to be sure, while the other says, “nah leave it grandad its [sic] modern.”

Others are bemused by the fact that a day celebrating emojis exists.

“Ye’, that’s right. It’s a thing,” one user wrote, also posting a GIF of Judge Judy rolling her eyes.

No matter the celebration, not everyone is always going to be ?.

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