Savannah Guthrie joked that she is “trading places” with her Today co-host Hota Kotb when she revealed that she tested positive for Covid-19 just after Kotb returned to the show studio after a mild bout with the virus.

On the Monday morning broadcast of Today, viewers saw that Guthrie was recording remotely while Kotb was in-studio.

“I’m working from home. You’re back in the studio. You have a negative test for Covid. I just tested positive for Covid. So here we go,” said the Today anchor, seemingly taking the positive case in stride. She assured viewers that her symptoms were little more than some “little sniffles.”

Kotb said that this moment, and perhaps the greater Covid-19 surge happening in general, was giving her a “flashback to 2020.” Kotb tested positive last Thursday and didn’t appear on the show remotely while she recovered.

She has since tested negative and seemed in good health upon her return to the studio.

Several TV hosts have caught the virus recently as the more transmissible Covid-19 Omicron variant spreads through the country. This included a great many late-night hosts like James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, but they all luckily reported mild symptoms from their cases.

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